Solar Slice Launches Kickstarter to Empower Individuals in the Fight Against Climate Change

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 1:00pm UTC

Solar Slice Launches Kickstarter to Empower Individuals in the Fight Against Climate Change

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New Platform Offers Transparent, Trackable Way to Support Clean Energy Infrastructure

HOUSTON, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the rapid growth of solar energy in the U.S., the transition to a clean energy grid isn't happening fast enough. Solar energy still accounts for less than 5% of electricity generation, while over 75% of harmful emissions are due to energy sources. Solar Slice, an innovative platform founded by nuclear engineer Dr. Nathan Childress, is launching today on Kickstarter to bridge this critical gap and empower individuals to directly combat climate change by supporting the development of large-scale solar farms.

"Studies show 63% of Americans feel a personal responsibility to reduce global warming, yet many feel powerless to make a real impact," says Dr. Childress. "Solar Slice addresses this issue. By purchasing 'Slices' – virtual representations of a portion of a large-scale solar farm – individuals directly fund clean energy production and can track their contribution through a user-friendly app. Each 50W Slice will remove 3 tons of CO2 over its lifetime, and the average American can offset their entire annual carbon footprint for about $450. It's a new way to take climate action that's transparent, impactful, and rewarding."

Building a Large-Scale Solution with Kickstarter Support

Solar Slice's Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $1 million to build the first of many planned solar farms. This initial plant will not only generate clean electricity for the grid but also serve as a real-world demonstration of Solar Slice's innovative model. Funds raised will also support the development of an intuitive app where backers can:

  • Track their impact: Monitor their Slice's real-time energy generation, emissions reduction, and earn badges for reaching sustainability milestones.
  • Earn eco rewards: Convert their clean energy contributions into meaningful rewards like planting trees, purchasing more Slices, or supporting pollinator initiatives.
  • Take collective action: Join with friends, family, or colleagues to collectively purchase Slices and track their combined production.

Why Solar Slice is Groundbreaking:

  • Unique approach: Solar Slice is the first and only platform that allows individuals to directly fund and track their contribution to clean energy generation.
  • Transparency and tracking: The app provides real-time data on, making the impact of each Slice tangible.
  • Gift the power of the sun: Solar Slice creates a new category of gifts. Individuals can give the gift of a cleaner future with a Slice – a unique present that generates a positive impact for years to come.

Join the Solar Slice Movement!

Join the Solar Slice movement today! Visit our Kickstarter page at and secure your Slices now to be part of the first wave of supporters. Every Slice gets us closer to our $1 million goal and a cleaner, brighter future. Together, we can build a sustainable world, one Slice at a time.

About Solar Slice:

Founded by a nuclear engineer with a passion for clean energy, Solar Slice is a revolutionary platform empowering individuals to take direct action against climate change. By building Slices of a large-scale solar farm, users can track their positive impact in real-time and be part of the solution. To learn more, visit

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